White knit dress 1

Pink is a polarising colour – generally we either love it or hate it! But it’s being touted by international fashion mavens as the colour du jour and is everywhere on the fashion circuit.

If pink saturation – such as this faux-leather jacket – doesn’t excite you, try dipping your toes in, quite literally, with a bright pink nail polish, a sassy pair of shoes, or accessories.

White knit dress 2

And don’t even try matching your pinks; fashion’s rebellious stance against perfection means it no longer matters. Matching handbags with shoes has also been relegated to the archives.

White knit dress 3

I love this classic white knit dress but I couldn’t resist livening it up with a bit of neon – popped a fluro pink Lorna Jane singlet underneath – which I bought from a good buddy (check out Nicole’s Surf eStore online).

White knit dress 4

We’re about to be child-free for a night thanks to my parents, and at last, we can go out and paint the town red or maybe pink! Trouble is we’re both completely zapped – noodles in a box and a DVD are quite enticing right now. I’d love to hear what you’d do if you were child-free for a night (keep it clean)! And now you’re Looking Good Girls.

“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this.” Psalm 37:5.

One thought on “Pink is everywhere

  1. The pink jacket i want so bad and you look lovely Amber

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